Kodiak Island Small Parcels

Small parcel acquisitions on Kodiak Island focused primarily on inholdings within the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Many of these acquisitions were evaluated and authorized as a part of larger packages such as the Kodiak Island Borough Tax Parcel effort and the Larsen Bay Shareholder effort described below. In addition, the State pursued acquisitions along the Karluk and the Ayakulik Rivers, areas important for fisheries management and sportfishing access. The State has also pursued the purchase of inholdings within the block of lands received as part of the Old Harbor/Sitkalidak Island land exchange.

As indicated above, the Council authorized up to $1 million to purchase small parcels within the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge acquired by the Kodiak Island Borough as a result of the property owners' failure to pay borough taxes. Most of these parcels are 10 acres in size and are located in Uyak Bay, Zachar Bay, Amook Pass, Browns Lagoon, South Uyak Bay, Carlsen Point, and Larsen Bay. Twenty parcels were purchased totaling 303.4 acres. These parcels typically contained important intertidal and subtidal habitat that contributed to the restoration of bald eagles, black oystercatchers, harbor seals, harlequin ducks, pigeon guillemots, sea otters, and recreation, wilderness and subsistence uses.

Authorization was also provided for the purchase of Larsen Bay Shareholder parcels. Thirty-nine parcels averaging 10 acres each were acquired in Amook Bay, Brown Lagoon, Uyak Bay, Carlsen Point, Larsen Bay, Amook Pass, and Zachar Bay. These parcels typically contained important intertidal/subtidal habitat and riparian habitat that contributed to the restoration of sockeye salmon, pink salmon, Dolly Varden, bald eagles, black oystercatchers, harbor seals, harlequin ducks, intertidal and subtidal resources, marbled murrelets, pigeon guillemots, sea otters, cultural resources, recreation, wilderness and subsistence resources and services.

Other small parcel acquisitions on Kodiak were scattered from strategic access points near the mouths of the Karluk River and the Ayakulik River to inholdings in Kiliuda Bay, Three Saints Bay, and Sitkalidak Strait. Several of these acquisitions were pursued with the assistance of The Conservation Fund using private sector donations to complement EVOS funded acquisitions. Parcels acquired along the Karluk and Ayakulik are examples of this cooperative effort. The Council has recently authorized efforts to secure additional inholdings in Kiliuda Bay.

The Trustee Council also pursued discussions with Leisnoi,Inc. for small parcels KAP 145, Termination Point and KAP 1058, Long Island. These parcels are located near the town of Kodiak and were determined to provide important benefits to restoration efforts, however, discussions were suspended due to unresolved legal issues pertaining to title.

Parcel Group Total Acres Total Cost
Uyak Bay 255.6 $497,500
Brown's Lagoon 69.8 $94,000
Amook Bay/Amook Pass 125.1 $180,250
Larsen Bay 90.0 $110,300
Carlsen Point 70.0 $96,000
Zachar Bay 52.7 $99,000
Karluk River/Ayakulik River 111.4 $400,000
Three Saints Bay 240.0 $312,300
Sitkalidak Straight 240.0 $390,000
Kiliuda Bay 430.0 $233,500
Total: 1684.6 $2,412,850