Proposal Submission

What kind of proposal are you interested in submitting? 

Habitat restoration or enhancement proposals: Please see our Habitat Enhancement projects page.

Habitat protection proposals for parcels: Please see our Habitat Protection page.

Proposals in response to the current Invitation for Proposals: Please see our Invitation for Proposals page. 

Proposals not in response to the Invitation and that are not habitat enhancement and/or protection (unsolicited proposals): See below .

Can anyone submit a project idea to the Council at any time?

Yes. Anyone can submit an unsolicited proposal or informal project idea to the Trustees through the EVOSTC office at any time. All unsolicited proposals are circulated to the individual Trustees. If Trustees would like to further develop a proposal for formal review, the EVOSTC office will contact the proposer. The EVOSTC office and Trustees may or may not provide any feedback or comments on unsolicited proposals.

What form would I use?

If you are interested in submitting a potential project or proposal idea to the Trustees please complete and submit a Unsolicited Project Idea Questionnaire Form (located under Forms below). Please email the completed form to Elise Hsieh ( and Shiway Wang (

When is the Form due?  

As noted above, the EVOSTC office accepts unsolicited proposals and project ideas at any time.  Generally speaking, if an Unsolicited Project Idea Questionnaire Form is submitted by May 1 or earlier, this may allow time to develop the submission into a full proposal for review in the fall, if the Trustees decide to advance the project idea to formal funding review.

What happens if I am asked to develop my project idea into a full proposal for review?

Please use the Unsolicited Project Proposal Form below under Forms.

What happens after I submit my full proposal for review?

Please see the Proposal Review Process for more information.

If you have further questions, please contact our office.


Unsolicited Project Idea Questionnaire (word doc)

Please use the forms below if you have been asked to develop your project idea into a full proposal for review.

Unsolicited Project Proposal Form (word doc)

Unsolicited Project Budget Form (excel doc)