Other Policies & Procedures

Collections Policy

Describes policy for research projects that involve collections (i.e., killing) of birds or mammals as part of research. Download Collections Policy

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Protocols

In 1994, the Council received its first call from a community resident to incorporate Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) of spill area residents into the restoration program, and subsequently funded three projects on community involvement and TEK. Two years later, the 1996 annual restoration workshop had TEK as its theme and led to a set of protocols for incorporating TEK into restoration projects developed by a committee of Alaska Natives and others and approved later that year by the Trustee Council. In 1998, the final report for project 97052B was published as the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Handbook: A Training Manual and Reference Guide for Designing, Conducting, and Participating in Research Projects Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge. The handbook includes the Council’s 1996 TEK protocols.