FY22-26 Invitation for General Restoration Project Proposals

2022-2026 Invitation for General Restoration.pdf (v1.29.21)


The FY 22-26 Invitation includes General Restoration and Habitat Protection. These two focus areas are described further in the Invitation. Proposals submitted in response to this General Restoration Invitation should address one or more of these areas. Please note that natural resource damage recovery excludes reimbursement or other recovery by either State or Federal Government for oil spill prevention, response and clean-up costs, lost royalty, tax, license, or fee revenues, punitive damages, federal or state civil or criminal penalties, federal litigation costs and attorney fees (p7 of the Memorandum of Agreement and Consent Decree). 

Please note: Project proposals may be submitted under only one current Invitation (FY 22-31 or FY 22-26). A project that is submitted under both Invitations may be disqualified from consideration.

Important Dates

January 29, 2021

Invitation for FY 22-26 General Restoration Project Proposals issued

March 29, 2021

FY 22-26 Proposals Due by 5:00 PM ASDT. Late submissions will not be accepted.

April-May 2021

Proposal review including Council staff, Trust Agency Staff, and EVOSTC Science Panel, as applicable. Proposals will be circulated to individual Trustees.

June 1, 2021

Revisions/comments added to the Draft FY22-26 General Restoration Work Plan which will be sent to proposers for revising final proposals.

August 13, 2021

Final Proposals DUE by 5:00pm AKDT. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Fall 2021

Review by TC, Council staff, Trust Agency staff, EVOSTC Science Panel (if applicable), and PAC. Funding decision made by TC.

Proposal Forms

Please read the instructions in the text boxes before filling out the budget workbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

As questions are received regarding the Invitation after it is issued, we will be posting and periodically updating our FY22-26 Invitation FAQ page.

Injured Resources and Services List (IRS)

In November 1994, the Council adopted an official list of resources and services injured by the Spill as part of its Restoration Plan. The IRS has been updated six times and the most recent is from November 2014.  

Annual Review and Reporting Procedures for Funded Proposals

At the January 19, 2021 Council meeting, the Trustee Council approved to shift the annual public meeting and funding process to five-year cycle. The five year cycle will maintain annual and final reporting for all projects, and also a biennial review of projects by entities including the Council’s staff, Science Panel and Public Advisory Committee. Please see Resolutions 21-02 and 21-03 for details. Current policies for annual and final reporting can be found here. These policies will be revised before the start of FY 22.

Please email any questions to dfg.evos.restoration@alaska.gov