Invitation for Proposals for EVOSTC Fiscal Years 2017-2021


Similar to the Council’s FY12-16 Invitation, this FY17-21 Invitation continues to address the herring, long-term monitoring, and the lingering oil Focus Areas. Two new Focus Areas have been added to this Invitation to complement and enhance the work in the Long-Term Programs. One new Focus Area is data management, which was previously included within the Long-Term Monitoring Program but serves both the Long-Term Monitoring and Herring Programs. The second new Focus Area is the Cross-Program Publication Groups, which encourages additional collaboration within and between the Programs. Both of the new Focus Areas are consistent with the Council’s intentions for the 20-year Program model, which called for developing science-based products regarding environmental changes and of the impacts of these changes on injured resources and services.

Following an invitational cycle in 2011, the Council commenced funding in February 2012 for the two long-term Programs: the Herring Research and Monitoring Program and the Long-Term Monitoring Program (GulfWatch Alaska). More background information about the Council’s focus areas and long-term programs commenced in FY12 can be found on the Projects page. The Long-Term Programs are anticipated to be 20 years in total length and are administrated under five-year contracts. While the invitational and contractual cycles run in five-year increments, review of the programs is annual and includes Science Panel, Public Advisory Committee and Trustee Council annual meetings to review the past year’s results and future year’s requested funding. This Invitation is for the second five-year contract for FY17 - FY21, with proposals due April 1, 2016. Please note that the Council operates on a February 1 - January 31 fiscal year.

Invitation for Proposals

This Invitation calls for proposals for FY17-21 in the five Focus Areas of 1) herring; 2) long-term monitoring of marine conditions and injured resources; 3) data management; 4) cross-Program publication groups; and 5) lingering oil.

Important Dates

  • February 1, 2016 - Deadline for Program proposers to submit contact information and Program of interest to the EVOSTC office.
  • April 1, 2016 - FY17-21 Proposals Due by 5:00 PM AKDT

Proposal Forms

Proposal forms for the next fiscal year can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

As questions are received regarding the Invitiation after it is issued, we will be posting and periodically updating our FAQ document.

Interested Proposers

This list includes contact information and the Focus Area(s) of interest for parties interested in submitting proposals under this Invitation.

Useful Information

FY12-16 Herring Research and Monitoring Program - Proposals, annual reports, and a program synthesis report.

FY12-16 Long-Term Monitoring Program (Gulf Watch Alaska) - Proposals, annual reports, and a program synthesis report.

Annual Work Plans - Annual Work Plans provide a summary of projects funded as part of both Programs and the recommendations and review comments made by the EVOSTC Science Panel, Science Coordinator, Public Advisory Committee (PAC) and the Council. The FY16 Draft Work Plan is also available.

Injured Resources and Services List (IRS) - In November 1994, the Council adopted an official list of resources and services injured by the Spill as part of its Restoration Plan. The IRS has been updated six times and the most recent is from November 2014.

Reporting Policies and Procedures - Our current policies for annual and final reporting.