Community Publications

Community Involvement

The Trustee Council is committed to public participation and local community involvement in all aspects of the restoration program. The Council recognizes the tremendous loss of livelihood and cultural heritage caused by the spill and has devoted a major portion of the restoration funds to the restoration of natural and archaeological resources that are important culturally and economically. This effort has included significant public and community involvement and outreach.

The Council is committed to having community members actively involved in:

  • Planning and developing the program
  • Guiding the goals and topics of research projects
  • Collecting data and participating in long-term monitoring efforts
  • Providing Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Interpreting results in a local context
  • Educating other community members about ongoing research

For more information

To learn more about the Council's efforts in community involvement, download the EVOSTC publication, A History of Trustee Council Tribal and Community Involvement

Regional Summaries

Discover how civil settlement funds were used in three regions from 1991 to 1999.

Prince William Sound
Kenai Peninsula
Kodiak-Afognak-Shuyak-Alaska Peninsula