FY22-26 Invitation FAQs

We will be posting and periodically updating this page as questions are received regarding the FY22-26 Invitation and proposal forms.

General Questions

Question: Can proposers meet with Council staff to discuss proposal ideas and review proposals?

Answer: Two EVOSTC Invitations (FY 22-26 and FY 22-31), proposal and budget forms, and FAQs are available online along with the proposal and budget forms. The Invitations and forms provide the instructions needed to submit a proposal. Now that these documents and instructions are available, Council staff will not be providing proposal (partial or complete) reviews and feedback prior to the scheduled review cycle and will not be meeting individually with proposers to assist in their submissions. If you have a specific question about an Invitation or form, please email your question(s) to dfg.evos.restoration@alaska.gov.

Invitation Questions

Question: Will this upcoming fiscal year (FY21) be the only opportunity to submit a proposal for funding for the next 5 years or will there be other opportunities to submit during the 5-year period covered by FY22-26 Invitation?

Answer: The Invitation states on page 2, “Please note that proposals that do not address either Invitation (unsolicited proposals) will not be accepted. Proposals submitted in response to this Invitation will only be accepted during the submission window (see FY21 anticipated scheduled below).” This is subject to change depending on the Council’s interests in the future.

Question: Can I submit the same proposal in response to both Invitations?

Answer: No. Project proposals may be submitted under only one current Invitation. A project that is submitted under both Invitations may be disqualified from consideration.

Question: On page 10 of the Invitation, under VI. Instructions for Submitting a Proposal additional information is requested of "Organization Proposers". What is the definition of an "Organization Proposer"?

Answer: An organization proposer refers to proposers not affiliated with a state or federal agency, or an academic institution.

Budget Form Questions

Question: Under Contractual Costs, there is a reference to 4A and 4B forms being required. What are these forms?

Answer: Form 4 is the Trustee Agency worksheet. 4A is the Summary Table and 4B is the rest of the Trustee Agency worksheet. No additional forms are required.