Large Parcels

Most large parcels acquired by the Trustee Council were owned by Native corporations. The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 provided for Native villages to select 44 million acres of public lands in Alaska and set up corporations to manage those lands and provide economic benefits for their Native shareholders. Lands were selected for proximity to villages, historical uses, and future development opportunities. Large blocks of land were selected, including some of the finest timber tracts, most productive estuaries and bays, and valuable salmon streams. These lands provide critical habitat for many of the fish and wildlife resources injured by the 1989 oil spill.

Negotiations with landowners have resulted in creative habitat protection measures, including fee-simple purchases, conservation easements, timber easements, and retention of shareholder home sites. The Trustee Council works only with willing sellers to craft protection packages that provide the highest benefit for the resources, Native shareholders, and the public. Most agreements allow public access for camping, hunting and fishing, restrict development, and maintain subsistence uses, while protecting injured resources and providing economic benefits to Native corporations. To date, the habitat protection agreements have been strongly supported by Native shareholders. In most cases, shareholders were required to approve the agreements by a two-thirds vote or better. Shareholder approval has ranged from 81 to 88 percent.

The Trustee Council's large parcel program is essentially complete. Following are highlights, a table listing the parcels protected, and a map showing these parcels' locations. Both the table and the map are linked to more detailed information on each large parcel.

Large Parcel Status Table

Parcel Description Acreage Total Price Trustee Council's Share
Afognak Joint Venture 41,376 73,966,348 73,966,348
Akhiok-Kaguyak 113,388 46,000,000 36,000,000
Chenega 60,001 34,000,000 24,000,000
English Bay 32,470 15,156,790 14,128,074
Eyak / Orca Narrows 78,138 48,576,704 48,576,704
Kachemak Bay State Park 23,701 22,000,000 7,500,000
Koniag (Fee) 59,674 26,500,000 19,500,000
Old Harbor 31,609 14,500,000 11,291,000
Seal Bay/Tonki Cape 41,549 39,549,333 39,549,333
Shuyak Island 26,958 42,000,000 42,000,000
Tatitlek 72,129 34,719,461 24,719,461
TOTAL: 576,947 397,243,410 341,250,065