Small Parcels

The Small Parcel Program recognizes the special qualities and strategic value of smaller tracts of land. Small parcels, which are typically 1,000 acres or less, are located on coves, along important stretches of river, at the mouths of rivers, adjacent to valuable tidelands, and, often, close to spill-area communities. These properties are acquired for their habitat qualities as well as for their importance for recreational and subsistence use.

For organizational purposes, the small parcel program is broken into three regions:


All parcels are purchased from willing sellers. As of January 2002, nearly 8,000 acres have been acquired through the small parcel program.

Because complete recovery from the oil spill may not occur for decades, and because healthy habitats are essential to the permanent recovery of the spill region, the Trustee Council has taken steps to extend into the future its effort to protect key habitats. By unanimous resolution in March 1999, the Council created a $25 million endowment for ongoing acquisitions. After inflation proofing, investment earnings from the endowment are expected to be about $1.25 million per year. The acquisition program will focus primarily on small tracts of valuable habitat.

The map below depicts the three regions of the spill area. For highlights on each region and a table listing the parcels protected in each region, click on one of the three regions on the map below. Each regional table is linked to more detailed information on each parcel.

 Small Parcel Map