Kenai Peninsula

Small parcel acquisitions on the Kenai Peninsula have largely focused on the Kenai River Watershed, the Anchor River, the Ninilchik River and the Homer Spit. The Small Parcel Program has provided the Trustee Council with a unique opportunity to address local needs and concerns by securing small parcels that provide additional recreational and sport fish access and address specific community needs in addition to providing important restoration values for injured resources and services.

Kenai River Acquisitions include Salamatof, Kenai Natives Association package, Cone, River Ranch, Girves, Patson, Schilling, Mansholt, and Kobylarz parcels. These parcels have particular value to the restoration of injured resources and services because of their riparian habitat and access opportunities for recreation and sport fishing. These parcels have contributed to the restoration of sockeye salmon, Dolly Varden, pink salmon, bald eagles, river otters, intertidal and subtidal resources, cultural resources, wilderness, and recreation.

The Tulin, Coal Creek, Overlook, Beluga Slough, and Green Timbers parcels are located along the shoreline of Cook Inlet and contributed to the restoration of sockeye salmon, pink salmon, harbor seals, intertidal and subtidal resources and recreation.

The Morris, Icicle Seafoods, and Swartz parcels are located along the Ninilchik River and contributed to the restoration of species dependent upon riparian habitat such as sockeye salmon, pink salmon, harlequin ducks, and services such as recreation and sport fishing.

Along the Anchor River small parcel acquisitions include Eliot, Crowther, Knol, Nakada, and Thompson which have contributed to the protection of riparian habitat which in turn contributes to the restoration of sockeye salmon, pink salmon, Dolly Varden, harlequin ducks and recreation and sport fishing access.

Acquisitions on the Kenai have been pursued with the assistance of several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as The Trust for Public Lands, The Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and The Conservation Fund. The NGOs have brought their expertise in negotiations, their ability to engage other organizational partners, and private sector donations to the table in order to leverage Trustee Council efforts. The Kachemak Heritage Land Trust and Trust for Public Lands have been involved in acquisitions in the Homer area, most notably the Homer Spit and Beluga Slough acquisition. The Nature Conservancy and The Conservation Fund have been actively involved in acquisitions along the Anchor, Ninilchik and Kenai Rivers.

Parcel Group Total Acres Total Cost
Kenai River 5,109.3 $12,331,000
Ninilchik 60.4 $207,200
Kasilof River 53.0 $260,000
Anchor River 171.8 $495,500
Homer Area 483.2 $2,516,100
Seward Area 83.4 $742,000
Total: 5961.1 $16,438,800