Old Harbor

In 1995, the federal government agreed to purchase from the Old Harbor Native Corporation surface title to 28,609 acres of land, and the corporation donated a conservation easement on an additional 3,000 acres. These lands are within the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. In addition, the Old Harbor Native Corporation agreed to preserve 65,000 acres of land on nearby Sitkalidak Island as a private wildlife refuge. The Council contributed $11.25 million to this acquisition and the federal government contributed $3.25 million from the federal restitution fund, for a total purchase price of $14.5 million. An additional component of this acquisition package envisioned an exchange of State lands on Sitkalidak Island for Old Harbor lands located on the North Shore of Kiliuda Bay in an effort to simplify land ownership patterns and enhance ecotourism and commercial recreation opportunities for Old Harbor Native Corporation. In order to equalize appraised values, required as part of the exchange process, the Trustee Council contributed an additional $41,000 to the exchange.

Old Harbor Map

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