Restoration Enhances Subsistence Resources

Several projects have also focused on supplementing subsistence resources for communities in the spill area. For example, the Trustee Council funded projects to release hatchery-produced king salmon fry near Chenega Bay and coho smolt in Boulder Bay near Tatitlek to create subsistence fisheries. In addition, a coho salmon project on the Kametolook River near Perryville on the Alaska Peninsula is working to strengthen the return to the river.

The Trustee Council also supported an experimental effort to spawn and raise littleneck clams and seed them on beaches in Prince William Sound and lower Cook Inlet. During the course of this project, researchers defined the conditions required to successfully spawn Alaskan littleneck clams in the hatchery, and raise large numbers of clam larvae and young clams. Large batches of clams have been raised in the hatchery and some of these have been placed on beaches near villages where subsistence users might harvest them in the future.

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