FY22-31 Invitation FAQs

We will be posting and periodically updating this page as questions are received regarding the FY22-31 Invitation and proposal forms.

Invitation Questions

Question: The first page of the invitation states that it is a draft. On page 7, today (Nov 4, 2020) is listed as the issue date for the invitation, and there is no timeline for issuing a final invitation. Is there a target date for a final invitation?

Answer: It says draft on the first page because the language regarding the annual review and reporting procedures has not been finalized yet. This is stated on the Invitation page on the website. The language pertaining to annual review and reporting procedures remains in red text until any decisions are made by the Trustees at the next Council meeting. Current policies for annual and final reporting can be found here. It is not anticipated that there will be other edits to the Invitation.

Question: Will this upcoming fiscal year (FY21) be the only opportunity to submit a proposal for funding for the next 10 years or will there be other opportunities to submit during the 10-year period covered by FY22-31 Invitation?

Answer: The Invitation notes on page 2, “Unsolicited Proposals submitted in FY22-31: Please note that proposals that do not address this Invitation (unsolicited proposals) will not be accepted. Proposals submitted in response to this Invitation will only be accepted during the submission window (see FY21 anticipated scheduled below).” This is subject to change depending on the Council’s interests in the future. Additionally, draft resolutions to change annual review and reporting policies are available for public comment and is on the agenda for the next Council meeting in January 2020.