Trustee Council 2020 DRAFT Resolutions for Public Comment

The following draft resolutions were approved for a 60-day public comment period at the October 14, 2020 Council meeting. Please note these resolutions are drafts and for the purposes of general discussion and public comment. The Draft Resolutions will be discussed by the PAC and Trustee Council at their next meeting (see Events page for updates).

Draft Resolution 20-A: Amendment of the 1994 Restoration Plan to eliminate the annual Trustee Council public meeting and funding process and change reporting schedules. Additional documents:

Draft Resolution 20-B: Change to procedures for approval of multi-year projects. Additional documents:

Draft Resolution 20-C: Combining habitat and research sub-accounts. Draft Resolution C would authorize the Council to combine the habitat and research sub-accounts into a single multi-purpose account. Combining the sub-accounts could be accomplished two ways:

Path 1: Obtain federal legislation to modify restrictions in a 1999 public law (Public Law 106-113, App. C, Section 350) which allowed deposit of the trust funds into “outside accounts” conditioned on continued management and allocation consistent with the March 1, 1999 Trusted Council Resolution that originally divided the trust funds into two sub-accounts. Path 1 would enable the trust funds to remain with the State Department of Revenue where they have earned a good return over the past decade but federal legislation would be needed to combine the sub-accounts.

Path 2: Transfer the trust funds to the Department of Interior’s Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund (NRDAR Fund). Path 2 would not require legislation. DOI’s NRDAR Fund has earned minimal returns over the last decade compared to the State invested trust funds.

Draft Resolution 20-D: Amendment of the 1994 Restoration Plan to incorporate an ecosystem approach to the oil spill boundary. Additional documents:

The public comment period is open from October 16, 2020 until December 16, 2020 11:59 pm AST.

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If you are having problems with the comment system please contact us: or (907) 278-8012.