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Title: Toward Long-Term Oceanographic Monitoring of the GOA Ecosystem

Project Year and Number: 2002: 02340

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2012: 10100340, 2011: 10100340, 2010: 10100340, 2009: 070340, 2008: 070340, 2007: 070340, 2006: 040340, 2005: 040340, 2004: 040340, 2003: 030340, 2001: 01340, 2000: 00340, 1999: 99340, 1998: 98340

Principal Investigator (PI): Tom Weingartner, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Assisting Personnel: None

Project Website: http://www.ims.uaf.edu/gak1/

Research Location: Resurrection Bay, Gulf of Alaska shelf

Restoration Category: Monitoring

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: Interannual variations in temperature, salinity, and their vertical distribution on the northern Gulf of Alaska shelf reflect environmental changes that might affect this marine ecosystem. This variability needs to be quantified and understood based on extended time series such as the 30-year record at hydrographic station GAK1 near Seward. This project maintains this time series and will continue to quantify the variability and understand the sources of it. It will also begin to document interannual variations in near-surface (upper 10 m) stratification and the timing of the spring bloom on the inner shelf. The data and associated analyses are suggested as being an important component to the development of the GEM program.


Geographic Regions Gulf of Alaska
Fields of Expertise Chemistry
Management & Policy
Physical/Chemical Oceanography
Technological Methods Modeling
Professional Activity Data Management
Field research and Data Collection

Proposal: View PDF (93 KB)

Funding Recommendations: View

Funding Detail For: 2002

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2002

Annual Report: 2002: View (26 KB)

Final Report: See Project 2158

Publications from this Project: None Available

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2012: 10100340 View (PDF) 2012: Due 09/01/2012
2011: Due 09/01/2011
2010: Due 09/01/2010
Final Report Not Available - For Current Status Please Contact Us No datasets
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2006: 040340 View (PDF) 2006: View (PDF)
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2003: 030340 View (PDF) 2003: Not Available
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2001: 01340 View (PDF) 2001: View (PDF)
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2000: 00340 Not Available 2000: View (PDF)
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1999: 99340 Not Available 1999: View (PDF)
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1998: 98340 Not Available 1998: View (PDF)
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