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Title: NOS Grant Funding

Project Year and Number: 2007: 070630-A

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2008: 080630-A, 2006: 060630-A, 2005: 050630-A, 2004: 040630-A

Principal Investigator (PI): EVOS Administration, EVOSTC

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location: Trustee Council Office

Restoration Category: Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: NOAA Award No. NA03NOS4730188 – Modification of Scope for FY 07 – Approved 9/25/06

The efforts of the scientific activities in FY 06 resulted in a key focus of planning efforts towards “Herring Restoration.” This abstract details the modified scope explanation as submitted to NOAA by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Science Director. These herring recovery efforts are being funded with lasped funds from this award in the amount of approximately $163,636.

Participants of the FY 06 Herring Workshop formulated a synopsis of herring ecosystem information; identification of data gaps and limitations of current information; and the discussion of how to proceed with additional monitoring of herring, as well as how to effectively develop a plan for their recovery. The participants agreed (via consensus) that a long-term restoration/recovery plan should be developed and implemented for Pacific Herring in Prince William Sound. The planning processes include stakeholders, community members and scientists. The restoration plan will be developed to define critical decision pathways needed to make progress in herring restoration, set criteria for recovery and provide an avenue for evaluation during the implementation of the plan. The Trustee Council approved for a 6 – 8 member team to initiate these planning efforts; obtain non-agency personnel to write, edit and review drafts of a formal plan; and publish and distribute the plan upon completion. In addition the Trustee Council approved funding to obtain guidance from international experts with herring recovery successes in other countries, i.e., the procurement of a “white paper” on herring recovery efforts and the planning of an International Herring Symposium.

The initial phase is the formulation of the Herring Recovery Plan. A recovery team will be established to write, plan and direct the herring restoration and recovery actions. The plan is to include the background describing the problem and threats (habitat, exploitation, inadequate regulatory protection mechanisms, disease/predation, and other factors); formulate measurable objectives for determining herring recovery status; provide the descriptions of herring recovery tasks (projects) worthy of pursuit; and, provide full details within an implementation table. In addition, a conceptual model will be formulated for evaluating the on-going progresses, changes, and necessary corrective actions.

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