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Title: Implementation of the GEM Nearshore Monitoring Plan: Site Selection, Standard Operating Procedures, and Data Management

Project Year and Number: 2005: 050750

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2013: 10100750, 2012: 10100750, 2011: 10100750, 2010: 10100750-A, 2010: 10100750, 2007: 070750, 2004: 040687, 2003: 030687

Principal Investigator (PI): Jim Bodkin, US Geological Survey

Assisting Personnel: Tom Dean

Research Location: PWS, Kenai Peninsula, Cook Inlet, Kodiak

Restoration Category: Monitoring

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: Gulf of Alaska nearshore habitats support populations that are economically, ecologically, and socially valuable to humans. Because of their importance to humans, detecting change in nearshore habitats, both natural and anthropogenic, plays a prominent role in the GEM plan. Over the past several years several steps have been taken toward implementing the GEM Nearshore Monitoring Program. These include a series of workshops to identify nearshore resources and sampling strategies, development of specific monitoring designs with cost estimates, and the creation of a spatially explicit GOA nearshore science bibliography. We are proposing to build upon the monitoring designs offered by Bodkin and Dean (2003) by selecting specific sites, developing and testing sampling protocols, and developing and testing a data management plan specific for long term sampling within the framework of existing monitoring designs. Upon completion of these tasks the Nearshore GEM monitoring plan should be well prepared for implementation.


Geographic Regions Cook Inlet
Kodiak Island
Prince William Sound
Fields of Expertise Ecology
Technological Methods Data base management
Geographic information systems/Mapping

Proposal: View PDF (1,857 KB)

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Funding Detail For: 2005 , 2006

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2005 , 2006

Annual Reports: 2005: View (55 KB) 2006: Not Applicable

Final Report: See Project 1569

Publications from this Project: None Available

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2010: 10100750-A View (PDF) 2010: Due 09/01/2010
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2010: 10100750 View (PDF) 2010: View (PDF)
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2007: 070750 View (PDF) 2007: View (PDF)
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2004: 040687 View (PDF) 2004: Not Applicable
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2003: 030687 View (PDF) 2003: View (PDF)
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