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Title: Are Herring (Clupea Pallasi) Energetics in PWS a Limiting Factor in Successful Recruitment of Juveniles and Reproduction Investment of Adults?

Project Year and Number: 2007: 070806

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2010: 10100806, 2009: 090806, 2008: 080806

Principal Investigator (PI): JJ Vollenweider, NOAA

Assisting Personnel: Ron Heintz

Research Location: Prince William Sound, Sitka Sound, Lynn Canal

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Pacific Herring

Abstract: The causes underlying the depressed recruitment rates among Prince William Sound (PWS) herring are unknown, but are likely to include reduced survival of offspring to maturity. Potential agents for depressed recruitment include chronic exposure to pathogens and increased numbers of predators. While identification of the causative agents remains elusive, it is likely that their combined effects are reflected in herring energy dynamics. Previous work in PWS demonstrated the need for juvenile herring to acquire and store energy prior to winter to ensure survival when prey resources were scarce. Juveniles facing increased predation risk or immune response may have less surplus energy available to allocate to storage at the onset winter. In addition, continuing disease and predation stress may increase the rate at which individuals lose energy during winter. Thus decreased offspring survival may result from increased energetic demand over winter. Similarly, adults facing increased energy demand as a result of environmental stress are likely to have decreased energy available for reproduction with consequent effects on offspring survival rates. Therefore, we propose to examine the energy dynamics of herring in PWS and other locations to test the hypothesis that PWS herring stocks have higher energy consumption rates than healthier stocks in other parts of Alaska.


Geographic Regions Prince William Sound
Southeast Alaska
Species Fish - Herring
Fields of Expertise Bio-Energetics
Commercial fisheries
Management & Policy
Resource Management
Technological Methods Calorimetric Analysis
Professional Activity Data Synthesis/Visualization
Field research and Data Collection
Fishery management
Ecosystems Marine – Nearshore
Marine – Pelagic
Species Specific Research Issues Fish - Ecosystems indicators
Fish - Foraging ecology
Fish - Population dynamics

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Funding Detail For: 2007

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2007

Annual Report: 2007: View (12 KB)

Final Report: See Project 2137

Publications from this Project: None Available

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