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Title: Effect of Crude Oil Contamination on Some Archaeological Sites in the Gulf of Alaska

Project Year and Number: 1992: ARC1

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2000: 00007-A, 1999: 99007-A, 1998: 98007-A, 1997: 97007-B-CLO, 1997: 97007-A, 1996: 96154, 1996: 96007-B, 1996: 96007-A, 1995: 95007-B, 1995: 95007-A, 1994: 94007-2, 1994: 94007-1, 1991: ARC1, 1990: ARC1

Principal Investigator (PI): Douglas Reger, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Assisting Personnel: Charles Holmes, David McMahan

Research Location: All Spill Affected Areas

Restoration Category: Damage Assessment

Injured Resources Addressed: Archaeological Resources

Abstract: This is the close-out project for the 1991 archaeology injury assessment study. The project will complete the analysis of laboratory test results and artifact collections for the state field injury assessment of direct oiling effects on historic and prehistoric site dating. A synthesis of the data from all of the injury assessment studies will be put together and used to set up the basis for restoration decisions. Future restoration projects may include archaeological site protection through enhanced monitoring and law enforcement, data recovery from excavations, museum exhibits using new artifact collections and information, school curriculum units and educational publications for the general public. Archaeological damage assessment studies were not funded until 1991 and thus conclusion of the assessment lags behind other resource studies.


Geographic Regions Gulf of Alaska
Fields of Expertise Anthropology

Proposal: View PDF (18 KB)

Funding Recommendations: View

Funding Detail For: 1992

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 1992

Annual Report: 1992: Not Applicable

Final Report: View

Publications from this Project: None Available

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