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Title: Kodiak Archipelago Youth Area Watch

Project Year and Number: 2004: 040610

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2007: 070610, 2003: 030610, 2002: 02610, 2001: 01610, 2000: 00610

Principal Investigator (PI): Teri Schneider, Kodiak Island Borough School District

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location: Kodiak Archipelago

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: The Kodiak Archipelago Youth Area Watch is an ongoing community involvement project designed to engage students in projects with goals aligned with the general restoration efforts of the Trustee Council. Students and site coordinators will conduct interviews with local experts and document TEK, publishing it in a district oral history magazine. Participation of KAYAW adults and students in the annual Academy of Elders/Science Camp will be strongly encouraged. Participants will share their research during annual gatherings. Such participation will serve as another avenue for more tribal members to learn about restoration efforts, scientific monitoring techniques, and occupations related to such work. Students will explore local knowledge as it relates to marine mammal populations, inter-tidal environment, impact of humans on the coastal environment, human use overtime and intergenerational changes and cultural beliefs and practices that may provide insight in scientific studies. The value and implications of TEK will be strongly emphasized throughout the implementation of the KAYAW project.


Fields of Expertise Anthropology
Local Traditional Knowledge (LTK/TEK)
Resource Management

Proposal: View PDF (64 KB)

Funding Recommendations: View

Funding Detail For: 2004 , 2005 , 2006

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2004 , 2005 , 2006

Annual Reports: 2004: View (48 KB) 2005: View (47 KB) 2006: View (65 KB)

Final Report: See Project 1598

Publications from this Project: None Available

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2007: 070610 View (PDF) 2007: View (PDF)
In Review Prior to Publication - For More Information Please Contact Us Not Applicable to this Project
2003: 030610 View (PDF) 2003: View (PDF)
See Project 070610 Not Applicable to this Project
2002: 02610 View (PDF) 2002: View (PDF)
See Project 070610 Not Applicable to this Project
2001: 01610 View (PDF) 2001: View (PDF)
See Project 070610 Not Applicable to this Project
2000: 00610 Not Available 2000: View (PDF)
See Project 070610 Not Applicable to this Project