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Title: SEA: Nekton and Plankton Acoustics

Project Year and Number: 1994: 94320-N

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 1999: 99320-N-CLO, 1998: 98320-N, 1997: 97320-N, 1996: 96320-N, 1995: 95320-N

Principal Investigator (PI): Gary Thomas, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, U. Miami

Assisting Personnel: Jay Kirsch, Nicholas Peters, Geoff Steinhart

Research Location: PWS/KAP

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Pacific Herring , Pink Salmon

Abstract: Pink salmon and Pacific herring populations were injured by the 1989 EVOS, and currently show no sign of recovery. The depressed condition of these resources continually affects the social and economic health of PWS communities. The Sound Ecosystem Assessment (SEA) program is a multi-disciplinary effort to acquire an ecosystem level understanding of the marine and freshwater processes that interact to constrain levels of fish, marine bird, and marine mammal production in Prince William Sound (PWS). This component of the SEA program, SEAFISH, will provide ecosystem level information on prey and predator abundance that influences the survival of pink salmon and Pacific herring populations in PWS. SEAFISH will rely on: developing models to assist in sampling design, data analysis and interpretation, sharing vessels and facilities for data collection, sharing data with other agencies and investigators, remote sensing with acoustical and optical technologies, the knowledge and skills of commercial fishers, and the support of salmon hatchery personnel. Information will contribute to a comprehensive data base for the PWS fisheries to serve the needs of the region for more informed management, enhancement, and mandated restoration activities.

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Funding Detail For: 1994

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 1994

Annual Report: 1994: Not Available

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Project Number Proposal Annual Reports Final Report Data
1999: 99320-N-CLO Not Available 1999: Not Available
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1998: 98320-N Not Available 1998: Not Available
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1997: 97320-N Not Available 1997: View (PDF)
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1996: 96320-N Not Available 1996: View (PDF)
See Project 99320-N-CLO See Project 99320-N-CLO
1995: 95320-N Not Available 1995: View (PDF)
See Project 99320-N-CLO See Project 99320-N-CLO