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Project Information

Title: Alutiiq Museum and Archeological Repository

Project Year and Number: 1993: 93066

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Rita Stevens, Alutiiq Museum

Assisting Personnel: Rick Knecht

Research Location: Kodiak Island

Restoration Category: General Restoration

Injured Resources Addressed: Archaeological Resources

Abstract: The Kodiak Archipelago has the highest density of archaeological sites in the area affected by the 1989 EVOS. Archaeological sites and artifacts were oiled by the EVOS, which interferes with the study of the artifacts and radiocarbon dating. Looting and vandalism increased at sites due to increased opportunity as a result of the cleanup effort and increased knowledge of site locations.

The Kodiak Area Native Association has sponsored annual large scale archaeological excavations in an effort to rescue threatened sites and artifacts. Present repository facilities are too overcrowded and inadequate to house the artifacts that have been and continue to be recovered due to the EVOS.

Toward the restoration and preservation of Alaska’s heritage, this project proposes to establish and furnish the Alutiiq Archaeological Repository Center in Kodiak, AK to house artifact storage facilities, laboratory space, and exhibits.


Geographic Regions Kodiak Island
Fields of Expertise Anthropology

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Funding Detail For: 1993

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 1993

Annual Report: 1993: Not Applicable

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