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Title: Damage Assessment GIS mapping and analysis

Project Year and Number: 1993: 93057

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Dianne Lyles, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Assisting Personnel: Richard McMahon

Research Location: All Spill Affected Areas

Restoration Category: Damage Assessment

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) is currently a major information repository for the EVOS damage assessment and restoration analysis by providing extensive Geographic Information System (GIS) statistical and spatial analysis and mapping.

Assuring consistency and quality of the EVOS data, this project will provide a reservoir of information in support of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) studies. EVOS data will be synthesized to compile final reports and produce high quality maps available to the Principal Investigators, government agencies, and the public. Complete statistical analyses and summaries reporting shoreline oiling information, land status, habitat modeling, bathymetric summaries, and baseline information will be documented.


Technological Methods Data base management
Geographic information systems/Mapping

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Funding Detail For: 1993

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 1993

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