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Title: A Comprehensive, Web-accessible, Geo-referenced Metadatabase of Marine-related Physical and Biological Databases of the Northern GOA

Project Year and Number: 2004: 040716

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Allen Macklin, NOAA

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location: Seattle, WA

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: This project will adapt for GEM purposes the North Pacific Ecosystem Metadatabase (NPEM, http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/np/mdb/) that has served information via the World-Wide Web since 1998. The adaptation will be a web-accessible metadatabase of marine science databases of the northern Gulf of Alaska. Appropriate records from the NPEM will be transferred to the GEM metadatabase, and additional records pertaining to GEM, PICES, NPRB, UAF/IMS, GLOBEC, FOCI, and similar research efforts will be added. Metadata will be coded to the FGDC standard using the 26 elements specified by MetaLite. As possible, metadata will include thematic, semantic and syntactic descriptors. This utility will include filtering capabilities to extract from existing metadata records those specific to the regions, habitat types, and subject areas defined by the working concepts of the GEM Science Plan. Compound searches of the metadatabase will allow selection of records by time, space, keyword, text string, etc., and results will be ranked according to their agreement with the search criteria. Work will be accomplished over a three-year period in Seattle, Washington.


Geographic Regions Cook Inlet
Gulf of Alaska
Kodiak Island
Prince William Sound
Species Fish - Flatfish
Fish - Forage fish
Fish - Halibut
Fish - Herring
Fish - Pollock
Fish - Rockfish
Fish - Salmon
Macro-invertebrates - Crab
Macro-invertebrates - Shrimp
Macro-invertebrates - Squid
Marine Mammals - Cetaceans (whales, dolphin, porpoises)
Marine Mammals - Pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, walrus)
Marine Mammals - Sea Otters
Microorganisims - Phytoplankton
Microorganisims - Zooplankton
Plants - Nonvascular - Marine
Seabirds - Loons, grebes, phalaropes
Fields of Expertise Biochemistry
Local Traditional Knowledge (LTK/TEK)
Resource Management
Technological Methods Data base management
Geographic information systems/Mapping
Moored observing arrays (i.e. buoys)
Remote sensing – In Situ

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Funding Detail For: 2004

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2004

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Annual Report: 2004: Not Applicable

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