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Title: Restoration of Coghill Lake Sockeye Salmon

Project Year and Number: 1993: 93024

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Mark Willette, Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Assisting Personnel: Stan Carlson, Greg Carpenter, Gary Kyle

Research Location: Prince William Sound

Restoration Category: General Restoration

Injured Resources Addressed: Sockeye Salmon

Abstract: The goal of this project is to restore the natural productivity and the resident sockeye salmon of Coghill Lake in western Prince William Sound. The EVOS may have contributed to the dramatic stock decline of sockeye salmon escaping into Coghill Lake, from 1.2 million in 1982 to 9,800 in 1991.

The production of sockeye salmon populations is linked to rearing lake productivity. Limnological studies indicate that fry food resources in Coghill Lake cannot support large number of fish. Fertilization is needed to increase lake productivity and boost zooplankton abundance until natural nutrient input from salmon carcasses is restored. By fertilizing the lake waters each summer for 5 years (the life cycle of the sockeye salmon) with phosphorus and nitrogen, and monitoring the effects of the fertilizer program, changes can be estimated in lake carrying capacity and smolt-to-adult survival rates.


Geographic Regions Prince William Sound
Species Fish - Salmon
Fields of Expertise Ecology
Resource Management

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Funding Detail For: 1993

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 1993

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