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Title: Monitoring Ecosystem Parameters in the Northern GOA

Project Year and Number: 2004: 040639

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Ken Goldman, Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location: Kachemak Bay, Cook Inlet

Restoration Category: Monitoring

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: This project will refine long-term monitoring of forage species populations in Cook Inlet, an area representative of ecosystem conditions and changes in the northern Gulf of Alaska. Finfish and shellfish will be sampled annually in May with a small-mesh bottom trawl to determine whether competitive and predatory interactions or different responses to the environment may be favoring the abundance of one species over another. Project funding includes mounting a thermosalinograph on the survey platform to collect surface temperature and salinity data during all fieldwork conducted by the survey vessel throughout the calendar year. Products will include annual reports, presentations at scientific meetings, and a manuscript submission to a peer-reviewed journal. Project data will be also made available to other researchers to facilitate broader ecosystem modeling for the Gulf of Alaska. The study will incorporate community outreach and education involving local science classes in the collection of field data.


Geographic Regions Cook Inlet
Species Fish - Flatfish
Fish - Forage fish
Fish - Halibut
Fish - Pollock
Fish - Rockfish
Macro-invertebrates - Crab
Macro-invertebrates - Shrimp
Fields of Expertise Ecology
Resource Management
Technological Methods Geographic information systems/Mapping

Proposal: View PDF (115 KB)

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Funding Detail For: 2004 , 2005 , 2006

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2004 , 2005 , 2006

Annual Reports: 2004: View (34 KB) 2005: View (24 KB) 2006: View (33 KB)

Final Report: In Review Prior to Publication - For More Information Please Contact Us

Publications from this Project: None Available