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Title: Investigating the Relative Roles of Natural and Shoreline Harvest in Altering the Kenai Peninsula's Rocky Intertidal

Project Year and Number: 2003: 030647

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2004: 040647

Principal Investigator (PI): Jennifer Ruesink, University of Washington

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location: Kenai Peninsula

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Intertidal Organisms , Subsistence

Abstract: The rocky shores of the outer Kenai Peninsula are the home of three Sugpiaq native villages where the black chiton (Katharina tunicata) remains an important traditional subsistence food source. This benthic invertebrate is also a competitively dominant herbivore known to have dramatic impacts on the structure, dynamics, and diversity of the rocky intertidal. In collaboration with tribal members, this project will evaluate the relative roles of natural factors (predation, grazing, and natural variability) and anthropogenic impacts (Katharina harvest) in altering intertidal community structure. The project addresses the core GEM hypothesis of human versus natural impacts on the structure and productivity of coastal ecosystems. It will also provide two field seasons (2003 and 2004) of valuable baseline monitoring in the intertidal zone that could be continued in the future. Local tribes will be involved in both developing and carrying out research which will match the GEM commitment to community based science.


Fields of Expertise Anthropology
Local Traditional Knowledge (LTK/TEK)
Management & Policy
Population Biology
Resource Management
Subsistence fisheries
Technological Methods Modeling
Professional Activity Field research and Data Collection
Ecosystems Marine – Nearshore
Species Specific Research Issues Macro-invertebrates - Population dynamics

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Funding Detail For: 2003

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2003

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2004: 040647 View (PDF) 2004: View (PDF)
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