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Title: Development of a Strategy for Monitoring Exxon Valdez Oil and other Contamination in PWS

Project Year and Number: 2004: 040724

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Jeff Short, NOAA

Assisting Personnel: Bill Driskell, Roger Green, Jim Payne

Research Location: Prince William Sound

Restoration Category: Monitoring

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: This project will evaluate alternative sampling designs and strategies for monitoring oil from the T/V Exxon Valdez remaining on beaches in Prince William Sound, along with other hydrocarbon contaminants from anthropogenic and natural sources, and will make recommendations regarding overall sampling design, duration and frequency. The recommended strategy will be optimized for statistical power based on existing knowledge of the distributions of hydrocarbons from known sources, and will include a means of increasing power as more knowledge is gained through sampling as monitoring proceeds. The recommended strategy will incorporate results from the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Committee's Long Term Environmental Monitoring Program, and will explicitly recommend how the results from this program may be efficiently augmented. This project will directly address a core concern of the GEM program, by determining the persistence of Exxon Valdez oil placed in the context of other hydrocarbons in the region.


Geographic Regions Prince William Sound
Fields of Expertise Chemistry
Technological Methods Geographic information systems/Mapping

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Funding Detail For: 2004

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2004

Annual Report: 2004: Not Applicable

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