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Title: Management Applications: Commercial Fishing

Project Year and Number: 2003: 030636

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2006: 060784, 2005: 050757, 2004: 040636, 2002: 02636-BAA

Principal Investigator (PI): Ken Adams, PWS Fisheries Research & Planning

Assisting Personnel: Ross Mullins

Research Location: Prince William Sound

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Commercial Fishing

Abstract: This project is intended to build a bridge between the scientific commuinty, which is describing and attempting to predict variation in biological production, and the commercial fishing community, which is attempting to find management applications for this new information. In addition, the project seeks to provide community presence to participate in development of GEM.


Fields of Expertise Management & Policy
Technological Methods Modeling

Proposal: View PDF (76 KB)

Funding Recommendations: View

Funding Detail For: 2003

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2003

Annual Report: 2003: View (22 KB)

Final Report: See Project 722

Publications from this Project: None Available

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Project Number Proposal Annual Reports Final Report Data
2006: 060784 View (PDF) 2006: View (PDF)
Final Report Not Available - For Current Status Please Contact Us Not Applicable to this Project
2005: 050757 View (PDF) 2005: View (PDF)
See Project 060784 Not Applicable to this Project
2004: 040636 View (PDF) 2004: View (PDF)
See Project 060784 Not Applicable to this Project
2002: 02636-BAA View (PDF) 2002: View (PDF)
See Project 060784 Not Applicable to this Project