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Title: HRM Surveys and age, sex, and size collection and processing

Project Year and Number: 2019: 19120111-F

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Stormy Haught, ADF&G

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location:

Restoration Category: Monitoring

Injured Resources Addressed: Commercial Fishing , Pacific Herring , Recreation & Tourism , Subsistence

Abstract: The proposed project will conduct spring aerial surveys to document Pacific herring Clupea pallasii milt distribution and biomass as well as the distribution and abundance of sea lions, other marine mammals, and birds associated with herring schools or spawn. This proposed project will also provide a research platform (R/V Solstice) for an adult herring acoustics survey and disease sample collection and processing. Finally, we will collect and process age, sex, and size of herring for the acoustics surveys, spawning surveys, and the PWS Herring Research and Monitoring Program disease sampling. Aerial survey and age, sex, and size data have been collected since the early 1970s and are an essential part of the age-structured model used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to estimate the historical and future biomass for fisheries management. Acoustics surveys have been conducted consistently since 1995 and the age-structured model is also tuned to acoustics biomass estimates. This project will help to meet the overall program goal to improve predictive models of herring stocks through observations and research by providing necessary inputs to the age-structured assessment models of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the PWS Herring Research and Monitoring Program Bayesian model.

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Funding Detail For: 2019

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2019

Annual Report: 2019: Due 03/01/2020

Final Report: Draft Final Report Due 4/15/20

Publications from this Project: None Available