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Title: ShoreZone Mapping for Kodiak Island

Project Year and Number: 2005: 050764

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Sue Saupe, Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council

Assisting Personnel: John Harper

Project Website: http://www.coastalaska.net

Research Location: Kodiak Island Archipelago

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Not Specified

Abstract: This project would complete a Kodiak ShoreZone mapping program initiated in 2002 by the EVOSTC and the Cook Inlet RCAC by mapping the rest of the Kodiak Island archipelago following the existing Alaska ShoreZone Mapping Protocols (Harper and Morris 2003). Aerial video imagery (AVI) would be collected in two 6-day surveys and would be the primary source for completing the subsequent biophysical mapping database of intertidal and shallow subtidal areas. These data will complement the 1600 km of existing mapping on Kodiak and the 7000 km so far within the GEM area. In addition to the agency and researcher support that ShoreZone has gained in Alaska--- most specifically to provide needed GEM-area habitat data---there was significant community support for completing the coastal mapping shown during a recent workshop (15 March 2004) in Kodiak when the ShoreZone mapping data and products completed to date were described and demonstrated.


Geographic Regions Gulf of Alaska
Kodiak Island
Species Plants - Nonvascular - Marine
Fields of Expertise Contaminants/Toxicology
Resource Management
Technological Methods Geographic information systems/Mapping

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Funding Detail For: 2005 , 2006

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