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Title: Harbor Seal Monitoring in Southern Kenai Peninsula Fjords

Project Year and Number: 2005: 050749

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: None

Principal Investigator (PI): Anne Hoover-Miller, Alaska SeaLife Center

Assisting Personnel: Shannon Atkinson

Research Location: Kenai Penninsula

Restoration Category: Monitoring

Injured Resources Addressed: Harbor Seals

Abstract: This proposal supports an existing remote video monitoring system in Aialik Bay, a tidewater glacial fjord. This system is used to observe harbor seals in glacial ice habitats and the impacts of vessels on seals. Haulout activity, numbers of seals, vessel impacts on seals, ambient behaviors of undisturbed seals, glacial activity, ice conditions, weather, and other events affecting seals are recorded daily. Seed funding is requested to test prototype digital still cameras at land-based haulouts in Day Harbor for documenting seals in a fjord lacking tidewater glaciers. Integrations of the remote monitoring into GEM; provides ecological measures of conditions at the heads of fjords that will complement long-term oceanographic monitoring in adjacent waters. This study is augmented by ancillary studies and support from the ASLC and National Park Service through a partnership in the Oceans Alaska Science and Learning Center, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska National Maritime Wildlife Refuge System, and Port Graham Corporation.


Species Marine Mammals - Pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, walrus)
Fields of Expertise Ecology
Resource Management
Technological Methods Modeling
Remote sensing – In Situ

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Funding Detail For: 2005 , 2006 , 2007

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