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Title: Seabird Predation on Juvenile Herring in Prince William Sound

Project Year and Number: 2007: 070814

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2009: 090814, 2008: 080814

Principal Investigator (PI): Mary Anne Bishop, Prince William Sound Science Center

Assisting Personnel: Kathy Kuletz

Research Location: PWS & NE PWS (Sheep Bay, Simpson Bay, Port Gravina)

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Kittlitz's Murrelets , Marbled Murrelets , Pacific Herring , Pigeon Guillemot

Abstract: Based on population trends, the Prince William Sound (PWS) Pacific herring population does not show signs of recovering. Predation pressure on juvenile herring may be an important factor in preventing recovery. Here we propose a large-scale, three-year study to investigate seabird predation on juvenile herring during winter months (October-March), a season about which relatively little is known. Juvenile herring are heavily predated by multiple species of seabirds including five species injured by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, one recovering species, and one recovered species. We will examine the spatial and temporal abundance of seabird predators in and around juvenile herring schools, as well as the physical and biological characteristics of the schools they feed on. Our project relies on seabird surveys being performed onboard vessels associated with three other projects (2 proposed EVOS studies, 1 PWSSC study) conducting hydroacoustic surveys for juvenile herring schools. Our estimates of juvenile herring consumption will aid in planning future restoration efforts as well as in assessing the role of seabird predation on herring recruitment by providing data to both herring and ecosystem modeling efforts.


Geographic Regions Prince William Sound
Species Fish - Forage fish
Fish - Herring
Seabirds - Alcids (Puffins, murres, auklets, murrelets, etc.)
Seabirds - Cormorants
Seabirds - Gulls and terns
Seabirds - Loons, grebes, phalaropes
Fields of Expertise Bio-Energetics
Management & Policy
Technological Methods Acoustics/hydroacoustics
Professional Activity Field research and Data Collection
Fishery management
Ecosystems Estuarine
Marine – Nearshore
Species Specific Research Issues Fish - Distribution and abundance
Fish - Predator-prey interactions
Seabirds - Distribution and abundance
Seabirds - Fisheries interactions
Seabirds - Foraging ecology
Seabirds - Predator-prey interactions

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Funding Detail For: 2007

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2007

Annual Report: 2007: View (19 KB)

Final Report: See Project 2095

Publications from this Project: None Available

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