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Title: Trophic Dynamics of Intertidal Soft-Sediment Communities: Interaction between Top-down and Bottom-up Processes (Renewal, Submitted under the BAA)

Project Year and Number: 2004: 040635

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2003: 030635

Principal Investigator (PI): Mary Anne Bishop, Prince William Sound Science Center

Assisting Personnel: Sean Powers

Research Location: Southeast Prince William Sound (Orca Inlet) and the Copper River Delta

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Intertidal Organisms , Sediments

Abstract: Vast expanses of intertidal sand/mudflats serve as a critical link in the food web of nearshore communities along the southcentral Alaska coastline. The rich abundance of benthic invertebrates residing within the sediments of intertidal flats and the large network of subtidal channels that bisect these flats provide a significant prey resource for numerous species of fish, crabs, birds, and marine mammals. One of the largest expanses of intertidal mud/sand flats occurs in the Copper River Delta and southeastern Prince William Sound (Orca Inlet). Here we propose a large-scale field study that examines the physical/chemical and biological factors that limit and/or regulate invertebrate community dynamics. The largely “bottom-up” approach we propose (physical/chemical parameters – phytoplantkon/epibenthic production – invertebrate production) is balanced by the largely “top-down” focus of a companion project funded by the Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute that examines predator dynamics and assesses their role in invertebrate community dynamics. At the completion of this project (FY 06), the results of both projects will be synthesized and a subset of key physical/chemical parameters will be identified for long-term monitoring.


Geographic Regions Prince William Sound
Species Fish - Flatfish
Fish - Halibut
Macro-invertebrates - Crab
Macro-invertebrates - Shrimp
Plants - Nonvascular - Marine
Fields of Expertise Chemistry
Resource Management
Technological Methods Geographic information systems/Mapping

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Funding Detail For: 2004 , 2005 , 2006

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2004 , 2005 , 2006

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Final Report: In Review Prior to Publication - For More Information Please Contact Us

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