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Title: Health and Reproductive Implications of Exposure of Pacific Herring (Clupea Pallasi) Adults and Eggs to Weathered Crude Oil

Project Year and Number: 1995: 95074

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 1996: 96074

Principal Investigator (PI): Mark Carls, NOAA

Assisting Personnel: Scott Johnson, Jeep Rice, Robert Thomas

Research Location: Prince William Sound

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Pacific Herring

Abstract: The primary goal of the study is to determine if herring reproduction can be impaired by exposure to oil. A combination of controlled laboratory exposures and viability measurements from herring in the field will be used. In year one (FY 94), our goal was to determine if exposure of pre-spawning adults to oil would result in genetically impaired larvae with reduced survival potential. In year two (FY 95), the laboratory oil exposures will be extended to eggs and larvae, with similar measurements of genetically impaired larvae. This will allow direct comparison of impacts between adult, egg, and larval stages. Data will be used to infer what the relative effects the Exxon Valdez oil spill were on adult and early life stages of herring in PWS. In addition, a field component of the study will measure the current status of herring reproduction at several locations in PWS by age class. Spawn from these herring will be returned to the lab and incubated in a stable and common environment for determination of hatching success and abnormality rates for each age class and spawning location.

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Funding Detail For: 1995

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 1995

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1996: 96074 Not Available 1996: Not Available
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