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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
97427 Harlequin Duck Monitoring Monitoring 1997
97320-Z1 SEA: Synthesis and Integration Research 1997
97320-U SEA: Somatic and Spawning Energetics of Herring, Pollock, and Pink Salmon Research 1997
97320-T SEA: Juvenile Herring: Historical Data/Local Knowledge Research 1997
97320-R SEA: Trophodynamic Modeling and Validation Through Remote Sensing Research 1997
97320-N SEA: Nekton and Plankton Acoustics Research 1997
97320-M SEA: Physical Oceanography Research 1997
97320-K SEA: PWSAC Experimental Fry Release Research 1997
97320-J SEA: Information Systems and Model Development Research 1997
97320-I SEA: Confirming Food Webs of Fishes with Stable Isotope Tracers Research 1997
97320-H SEA: Zooplankton Research 1997
97320-G SEA: Phytoplankton and Nutrients Research 1997
97320-E SEA: Salmon and Herring Program Research 1997
97320 SEA: Sound Ecosystem Assessment Research 1997
97306 Ecology and Demographics of Sand Lance Research 1997
97304 Kodiak Waste Management Plan General Restoration 1997
97302 Cutthroat/Dolly Varden Inventory Monitoring 1997
97300 Ecological Findings from EVOS Damage Research 1997
97291 Chenega Shoreline Oiling Reduction General Restoration 1997
97290 Hydrocarbon Database Research 1997
97286 Elders/Youth Conference General Restoration 1997
97272-CLO Chenega Chinook Release General Restoration 1997
97263 Port Graham Salmon Stream Enhancement General Restoration 1997
97259-CLO Restoration of Coghill Lake Sockeye General Restoration 1997
97258-A-CLO Sockeye Salmon Overescapement Monitoring 1997
97256-B Sockeye Salmon Stocking at Solf Lake General Restoration 1997
97255-CLO Kenai River Sockeye Restoration General Restoration 1997
97254 Delight and Desire Lakes Restoration General Restoration 1997
97251-CLO Akalura Lake Sockeye Salmon Restoration General Restoration 1997
97250 Project Management Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1997
97247 Kametolook River Coho Salmon General Restoration 1997
97244 Community-Based Harbor Seal Management General Restoration 1997
97231 Marbled Murrelet Productivity Research 1997
97230 Valdez Duck Flats Restoration General Restoration 1997
97225 Port Graham Pink Salmon Project General Restoration 1997
97223-BAA Sea Otter Data Research 1997
97220 Eastern PWS Salmon Habitat Restoration General Restoration 1997
97214-CLO Harbor Seal Documentary General Restoration 1997
97210 Youth Area Watch General Restoration 1997
97197 Alaska SeaLife Center Fish Pass Research 1997
97196 Genetic Structure Research 1997
97195 Pristane Monitoring in Mussels Monitoring 1997
97194 Spawning Habitat Recovery Research 1997
97191-A2 Examination of Oil-Related Embryo Mortalities Research 1997
97191-A1 Injury to Pink Salmon Embryos Monitoring 1997
97191-A Oil-Related Embryo Mortalities Research 1997
97190 Linkage Map for the Pink Salmon Genome Research 1997
97188 Otolith Thermal Mass Marking General Restoration 1997
97186 Coded Wire Tag Recoveries From Pink Salmon General Restoration 1997
97180 Kenai River Restoration General Restoration 1997
97170 Isotope Ratio Studies of Marine Mammals Research 1997
97169 Genetics of Murres, Guillemots, Murrelets Research 1997
97167-BAA Curation of Seabirds Salvaged from EVOS Research 1997
97166 Herring Natal Habitats Monitoring 1997
97165 Genetic Discrimination General Restoration 1997
97163-Q APEX: Factors That Limit Seabird Recovery Research 1997
97163-O APEX: Statistical Review Research 1997
97163-N APEX: Effects of Diet Quality on Post-Natal Growth of Seabirds Research 1997
97163-M APEX: Cook Inlet Seabird and Forage Fish Studies Research 1997
97163-L APEX: Alaska Small-Mesh Trawl Data Research 1997
97163-K APEX: Using Predatory Fish to Sample Forage Fishes Research 1997
97163-J APEX: Barren Island Seabird Studies Research 1997
97163-I APEX: Project Leader Research 1997
97163-G APEX: Diet, Energetics, and Productivity of Seabirds Research 1997
97163-F APEX: Breeding and Feeding Ecology of Pigeon Guillemots Research 1997
97163-E APEX: Kittiwakes as Indicators of Forage Fish Availability Research 1997
97163-C APEX: Forage Fish Diet Research 1997
97163-B APEX: Seabird/Forage Fish Interactions Component Research 1997
97163-A APEX: Forage Species Studies in PWS Research 1997
97163 APEX: Alaska Predator Ecosystem Experiment Research 1997
97162-SUPP Herring Disease Study Research 1997
97162 Disease Factors Affecting Herring Declines Research 1997
97161 Differentiation/Interchange of Harlequins Monitoring 1997
97159-CLO Marine Bird Abundance Surveys Monitoring 1997
97149 Archaeological Site Stewardship Monitoring 1997
97145 Cutthroat and Dolly: Relationships Research 1997
97144 Common Murre Population Monitoring Monitoring 1997
97142-BAA Status and Ecology of Kittlitz's Murrelets Research 1997
97139-C1-CLO Montague Riparian Rehabilitation Monitoring Monitoring 1997
97139-A2 Port Dick Creek Tributary Restoration General Restoration 1997
97139-A1 Waterfall Creek Bypass Instream Restoration General Restoration 1997
97131 Chugach Native Region Clam Restoration General Restoration 1997
97127 Tatitlek Coho Salmon Release General Restoration 1997
97126 Habitat Protection and Acquisition Support Habitat Protection 1997
97115 Sound Waste Management Plan General Restoration 1997
97100 Administration, Science Management and Public Information Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1997
97090-CLO Mussel Bed Restoration General Restoration 1997
97076 Effects of Oil on Salmon Survival and Straying Research 1997
97064 Harbor Seal Monitoring Monitoring 1997
97052-B3 Traditional Ecological Knowledge General Restoration 1997
97052-B2 Traditional Ecological Knowledge General Restoration 1997
97052-B1 Traditional Ecological Knowledge General Restoration 1997
97052-A Community Involvement General Restoration 1997
97043-B Cutthroat and Dolly Habitat Improvement Monitoring 1997
97026-CLO Microbial Sediments Research 1997
97025 Recovery of Nearshore Vertebrate Predators Research 1997
97012-BAA Killer Whale Investigation Research 1997
97009-D-CLO Octopus and Chiton in Intertidal Research 1997
97007-B-CLO Site Specific Archaeological Restoration General Restoration 1997
97007-A Archaeological Index Site Monitoring Monitoring 1997
97001 Harbor Seal Condition and Health Status Research 1997