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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
19170115 HRM Herring Genetics Research 2019
19170111-B HRM Annual Herring Migration Cycle Monitoring 2019
19120114-O GWA Humpback Whale Predation on Herring Monitoring 2019
19120114-N GWA Killer Whale Monitoring Monitoring 2019
19120114-M GWA Marine Bird Population Trends Monitoring 2019
19120114-L GWA Seward Line Monitoring Monitoring 2019
19120114-J GWA Cook Inlet Monitoring Monitoring 2019
19120114-I GWA GAK-1 Monitoring Monitoring 2019
19120114-H GWA Nearshore Ecosystems Monitoring 2019
19120114-G GWA Oceanographic Conditions Monitoring 2019
19120114-E GWA Marine Bird Abundance Monitoring 2019
19120114-D GWA Continious Plankton Recorder Monitoring 2019
19120114-C GWA Forage Fish Monitoring 2019
19120114-B GWA PMII Administration Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2019
19120114-A GWA PM1 Synthesis & Coordination Monitoring 2019
19120114 GWA Program Monitoring 2019
19120113 Data Management Program Research 2019
19120111-G HRM Adult Herring Acoustic Surveys Monitoring 2019
19120111-F HRM Surveys & Collections Monitoring 2019
19120111-E HRM Disease Project Research 2019
19120111-D HRM Age at Reproductive Maturity Research 2019
19120111-C HRM Modeling & Stock Assessment Research 2019
19120111-A HRM Program Coordination Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2019
19120111 Herring Research & Monitoring Program Research 2019
19110853 PIGU Restoration General Restoration 2019
12120111-A PWS Herring Program - Validation of Acoustic Surveys Research 2012
12120111 PWS Herring Research and Monitoring Program Research 2012