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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
16120120 LTM Program - Collaborative Data Management and Holistic Synthesis Not Available 2016
16120114 LTM Program - Long Term Monitoring Program Not Available 2016
16120112-A NOAA Harbor Protection Program – Cordova Clean Harbor Not Available 2016
16120112 NOAA Harbor Protection Projects – Project Management Not Available 2016
16120111 PWS Herring and Monitoring Program Research 2016
16120100 EVOSTC Administrative Budget Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2016
16100853 Pigeon Guillemot Restoration Research in PWS Not Available 2016
12120120 Data Management and Synthesis Monitoring 2012
12120114-S LTM Program - Oil Level and Weathering Tracking Research 2012
12120114-R LTM Program - Nearshore benthic systems in the Gulf of Alaska Research 2012
12120114-P LTM Program - GAK1 Monitoring Monitoring 2012
12120114-O LTM Program - Forage Fish Distribution, Abundance, and Body Condition Research 2012
12120114-N LTM Program - Humpback Whale Predation on Herring Research 2012
12120114-M LTM Program - Long-term killer whale monitoring Research 2012
12120114-L LTM Program - Ecological Communities in Kachemak Bay: Research 2012
12120114-K LTM Program - PWS Marine Bird Surveys Research 2012
12120114-J LTM Program - Seward Line Monitoring Monitoring 2012
12120114-I LTM Program - Conceptual Ecological Modeling Research 2012
12120114-H LTM Program - Science Coordination and Synthesis Research 2012
12120114-G LTM Program - Oceanographic Monitoring in Cook Inlet/Kachemak Bay Research 2012
12120114-E LTM Program - Oceanographic Conditions in PWS Research 2012
12120114-D LTM Program - Data Management Research 2012
12120114-C LTM Program - Seabird Abundance in Fall and Winter Research 2012
12120114-A LTM Program - Continuous Plankton Recorders Research 2012
12120114 LTM - Marine Conditions and Injured Resources and Services Monitoring 2012
12120112 PWS Harbor Cleanup Project General Restoration 2012
12120111-Q PWS Herring Program - Population Dynamics Modeling Research 2012
12120111-P PWS Herring Program - Herring Genetics Research 2012
12120111-O PWS Herring Program - Coordination and Logistics Research 2012
12120111-L PWS Herring Program - Herring Condition Monitoring Research 2012
12120111-K PWS Herring Program -Herring Disease Program Research 2012
12120111-F PWS Herring Program - Juvenile Herring Abundance Index Research 2012
12120111-E PWS Herring Program - Expanded Adult Herring Surveys Research 2012
12120111-C PWS Herring Program - Data Management Support Research 2012
12120111-B PWS Herring Program - Tracking Seasonal Movements Research 2012
12120111-A PWS Herring Program - Validation of Acoustic Surveys Research 2012
12120111 PWS Herring Research and Monitoring Program Research 2012
11100853 Pigeon Guillemot Restoration in PWS Research 2011