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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
01630 Planning for Long-Term Monitoring Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2001
01610 Kodiak Archipelago Youth Area Watch Research 2001
01599-CLO Evaluation of Yakataga Oil Seeps Research 2001
01558 Harbor Seals: Application of New Technologies Research 2001
01555 Stress Hormones and Food Availability Research 2001
01552-BAA Exchange Between PWS and the GOA Research 2001
01551-BAA Analysis of Marine Algal Species Research 2001
01550 ARLIS Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2001
01543 Evaluation of Oil Remaining in the Intertidal Research 2001
01538 Two Methods to Discriminate Pacific Herring Research 2001
01535 Restoration Program Final Report Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2001
01534 Comparison of Cytochrome P4501A Research 2001
01513 EVOS: Continuing Legacy General Restoration 2001
01492 Bias in Salmon Embryo Studies Research 2001
01481 Documentary Film on the Oil Spill Impacts General Restoration 2001
01479 Effects of Food Stress on Seabird Survival Research 2001
01478 Testing Satellite Tags as a Tool Research 2001
01476 Oiled Incubation Substrate on Salmon Research 2001
01468-CLO Fundamental Estimations of Acoustic Target Strength Research 2001
01462-CLO Effect of Disease on Pacific Herring Research 2001
01455 GEM Data System Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2001
01454-CLO Persistent Oil Contamination in Pink Salmon Research 2001
01452-BAA Competitor/Predators of Pink Salmon Fry Research 2001
01441-CLO Harbor Seal Recovery: Effects of Diet Research 2001
01423 Population Change in Vertebrate Predators Research 2001
01407 Harlequin Duck Population Dynamics Research 2001
01404 Testing Archival Tag Technology Research 2001
01401 Assessment of Spot Shrimp Abundance Research 2001
01396 Alaska Salmon Shark Assessment Research 2001
01393-BAA PWS Food Webs: Structure and Change Research 2001
01391 CIIMMS Monitoring 2001
01389 3-D Ocean State Simulations Research 2001
01385 Partnering with NOAA Monitoring 2001
01371-CLO Harbor Seal Metabolism on Stable Isotopes Research 2001
01366-CLO Improved Salmon Escapement Research 2001
01360-BAA EVOS: Guidance for Future Research Activities Monitoring 2001
01341-CLO Harbor Seal Recovery: Controlled Studies General Restoration 2001
01340 Oceanographic Monitoring of the GOA Monitoring 2001
01338 Adult Murre/Kittiwake Survival Research 2001
01327-CLO Pigeon Guillemot Restoration Research Research 2001
01290 Hydrocarbon Database and Interpretation Research 2001
01273-CLO Scoter Life History and Ecology Research 2001
01256-B Sockeye Salmon Stocking at Solf Lake General Restoration 2001
01250 Project Management Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2001
01247 Kametolook River Coho Salmon Research 2001
01245 Community-Based Harbor Seal Management Research 2001
01210 Youth Area Watch Monitoring 2001
01195 Pristane Monitoring in Mussels Monitoring 2001
01190 Linkage Map for the Pink Salmon Genome Research 2001
01163-CLO APEX: Alaska Predator Ecosystem Experiment Research 2001
01159 Marine Bird Abundance Surveys Monitoring 2001
01154 Archaeological Repository/Display Facilities General Restoration 2001
01144 Common Murre Population Monitoring Monitoring 2001
01131 Chugach Native Region Clam Restoration General Restoration 2001
01126 Habitat Protection and Acquisition Support Habitat Protection 2001
01100 EVOS Information-Management-Administration Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2001
01064-CLO Interactions of Harbor Seals Monitoring 2001
01052 Community Involvement Planning for GEM General Restoration 2001
01012-BAA Monitoring of Killer Whales Monitoring 2001