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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
99514 Lower Cook Inlet Waste Management Plan General Restoration 1999
99479 Effects of Food Stress on Seabird Survival Research 1999
99476 Oiled Incubation Substrate on Salmon Research 1999
99471 Status of Subsistence Uses Research 1999
99470-AM 10-Year Symposium Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1999
99470 10 Years After Exxon Valdez Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1999
99468-BAA Estimations of Acoustic Target Strength Research 1999
99466 Recovery Status of Barrow's Goldeneyes Research 1999
99462 Effect of Disease on Pacific Herring Research 1999
99459 Residual Oiling of Armored Beaches Monitoring 1999
99441 Harbor Seal Diet: Lipid Metabolism and Health Research 1999
99434 East Amatuli Island Video Link General Restoration 1999
99423 Population Change in Vertebrate Predators Monitoring 1999
99405 Port Graham Hatchery Reconstruction General Restoration 1999
99401 Assessment of Spot Shrimp Abundance General Restoration 1999
99393-BAA PWS Food Webs: Structure and Change Research 1999
99391 CIIMMS Monitoring 1999
99381 Status of Seabird Colonies Monitoring 1999
99379 Assessment of Risk Caused by Residual Oil Research 1999
99375 Effect of Herring Egg Distribution Research 1999
99371 Harbor Seal Metabolism on Stable Isotopes Research 1999
99368 Sensitive Areas: Summary Maps General Restoration 1999
99367 Synthesis and Publication of Fisheries Research Research 1999
99366 Remote Video and Time-Lapse Recording Monitoring 1999
99361-BAA Techniques for Synthesis/Communication General Restoration 1999
99348 Response of River Otters to Oil Contamination Research 1999
99347 Fatty Acid Profile/Lipid Class Analysis Research 1999
99346 Sand Lance Bibliography Research 1999
99341 Harbor Seal Health and Diet Research 1999
99340 Oceanographic Monitoring of the GOA Monitoring 1999
99339 Western PWS Human Use and Wildlife General Restoration 1999
99338 Adult Murre/Kittiwake Survival Research 1999
99330-BAA Mass-Balance Model of Trophic Fluxes Research 1999
99329 Toxicological Impacts on Pink Salmon Research 1999
99328 Impacts on Pacific Herring Research 1999
99327 Pigeon Guillemot Restoration Research Research 1999
99325-BAA Intertidal/Subtidal Manuscript Preparation Research 1999
99320-Z2-CLO SEA: Synthesis and Integration Research 1999
99320-Z1-CLO SEA: Synthesis and Integration Research 1999
99320-T-SUPP-CLO SEA: Supplement - Herring TEK Research 1999
99320-T-CLO SEA: Juvenile Herring Growth and Habits Research 1999
99320-R-CLO SEA: Trophodynamic Modeling and Remote Sensing Research 1999
99320-Q-CLO SEA: Bird Predation on Herring Spawn Research 1999
99320-N-CLO SEA: Acoustic Assessments of Salmon Predators Research 1999
99320-M-CLO SEA: Observational Oceanography in PWS/GOA Research 1999
99320-H-CLO SEA: Role of Zooplankton Research 1999
99320-G-CLO SEA: Phytoplankton and Nutrients Research 1999
99320-E-CLO SEA: Salmon and Herring Predation Research 1999
99320-CLO SEA: Sound Ecosystem Assessment Research 1999
99314 Homer Mariner Park General Restoration 1999
99311 Productivity Dependencies: Stable Isotopes Research 1999
99306 Ecology and Demographics of Sand Lance Research 1999
99304 Kodiak Waste Management Plan General Restoration 1999
99300 Ecological Findings from EVOS Damage Research 1999
99291 Chenega Cleanup: Final Report General Restoration 1999
99290 Hydrocarbon Database Research 1999
99289-BAA Status of Black Oystercatchers Research 1999
99278 Ecological Characterization for Kachemak Bay General Restoration 1999
99273 Surf Scoter Life History and Ecology Research 1999
99263 Port Graham Salmon Stream Enhancement General Restoration 1999
99256-B Sockeye Salmon Stocking at Solf Lake General Restoration 1999
99252 Genetic Investigations of Rockfish and Pollock Research 1999
99250-AM Project Management Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1999
99250 Project Management Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1999
99247 Kametolook River Coho Salmon General Restoration 1999
99245 Community-Based Harbor Seal Management General Restoration 1999
99225 Port Graham Pink Salmon Project General Restoration 1999
99210 Youth Area Watch General Restoration 1999
99196-CLO Genetic Structure Research 1999
99195 Pristane Monitoring in Mussels Monitoring 1999
99191-A-CLO Oil-Related Embryo Mortalities Research 1999
99190 Linkage Map for the Pink Salmon Genome Research 1999
99188-CLO Otolith Thermal Mass Marking General Restoration 1999
99180 Kenai River Restoration General Restoration 1999
99169 Genetics of Murres, Guillemots, Murrelets Research 1999
99163-T APEX: Aerial Surveys Research 1999
99163-S APEX: Jellyfish as Competitors and Predators Research 1999
99163-R APEX: Marbled Murrelet Productivity Research 1999
99163-Q APEX: Modeling Research 1999
99163-O APEX: Statistical Review Research 1999
99163-M APEX: Response of Seabirds to Forage Fish Density Research 1999
99163-L APEX: Historical Data Review Research 1999
99163-K APEX: Large Fish as Samplers Research 1999
99163-J APEX: Barren Islands Seabird Studies Research 1999
99163-I APEX: Project Management Research 1999
99163-G APEX: Seabird Energetics Research 1999
99163-F APEX: Guillemots Research 1999
99163-E APEX: Outboard Motors Research 1999
99163-B APEX: Seabird Interactions Research 1999
99163-A APEX: Forage Fish Assessment Research 1999
99163 APEX Research 1999
99162-B Herring Disease Manuscripts Research 1999
99162-A Herring Disease Manuscripts Research 1999
99159 Marine Bird Abundance Surveys Monitoring 1999
99154 Archaeology Repository Admin General Restoration 1999
99149 Archaeological Site Stewardship Monitoring 1999
99145 Cutthroat and Dolly: Relationships Research 1999
99144-A Common Murre Population Monitoring Monitoring 1999
99139-A2 Port Dick Creek Tributary Restoration General Restoration 1999
99131 Chugach Native Region Clam Restoration General Restoration 1999
99127 Tatitlek Coho Salmon Release General Restoration 1999
99126 Habitat Protection and Acquisition Support Habitat Protection 1999
99100 Administration, Science Management and Public Information Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1999
99090 Monitoring of Oiled Mussel Beds in PWS Monitoring 1999
99064 Harbor Seal Monitoring Monitoring 1999
99052-B Traditional Ecological Knowledge General Restoration 1999
99052-A Community Involvement General Restoration 1999
99043-B Dolly Varden and Trout Monitoring Monitoring 1999
99025 Recovery of Nearshore Vertebrate Predators Research 1999
99012-A-BAA Killer Whale Investigation Research 1999
99007-A Archaeological Index Site Monitoring Monitoring 1999
98320-Y SEA: Bird Predation on Salmon Fry Research 1998
98320-U SEA: Somatic Energetics Research 1998
98145-CLO Cutthroat and Dolly: Relationships Research 1998