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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
080840 Biodegradability of Lingering Oil Research 2008
070836 Factors Limiting the Degradation Rate of EVOS Oil Research 2007
070829 Bioavailability and Effects of Lingering Oil to Littleneck Clams Research 2007
070782 Herring Restoration: Identifying Natal and Nursery Habitats Research 2007
070769 Using Otolith Chemistry to Discriminate Pacific Herring Stocks in AK Research 2007
060782 Herring Larval Drift Research 2006
040740 Lingering Oil: Contaminant Inputs Research 2004
040706 Energy Allocation and Salmon Carcasses Research 2004
040703-A Marine-derived Nutrients on Sockeye Salmon Monitoring 2004
030649 Reconstructing Sockeye Populations Research 2003
02656 Nearshore Marine Communities Research 2002
02649 Reconstructing Sockeye Populations Research 2002
94279 Food Safety Testing General Restoration 1994
94266-1 Shoreline Assessment Study General Restoration 1994