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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100132-D PWS Herring Survey: Predictors of Winter Performance Research 2010
040710 Alaskan Groundfish Feeding Ecology Research 2004
030624 A CPR-Based Plankton Survey Monitoring 2003
030561 Community-Based Forage Fish Sampling Research 2003
030476 Oiled Incubation Substrate on Salmon Research 2003
030052 Tribal Natural Resource Stewardship Research 2003
02636-BAA Management Applications: Commercial Fishing Research 2002
02600 Ecological Findings from EVOS Damage Research 2002
02245 Community-Based Harbor Seal Management Research 2002
02144 Common Murre Population Monitoring Monitoring 2002
02052 Natural Resource Management Research 2002
94041 Introduced Predator Removal General Restoration 1994
CH1-A Comprehensive Assessment of Coastal Habitat Damage Assessment 1992
TM04 Brown Bear Damage Assessment Damage Assessment 1990
FS12 Herring Injury Assessment Damage Assessment 1989