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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100128 Historical Humpback Whale Abundance Research 2010
080804 Significance of Whale Predation Research 2008
070817 Factors Affecting Productivity in Juvenile Pacific Herring Nursery Habitats Research 2007
070804 Significance of Whale Predation Research 2007
070801 Assessment of Lingering Oil in PWS & GOA Research 2007
060784 Commercial Fishery Synthesis and Modeling Research 2006
050765 Salmon Smolt Monitoring Monitoring 2005
050763 Monitoring of Anthropogenic Hydrocarbons Monitoring 2005
050750 GEM Nearshore Monitoring Plan Monitoring 2005
040703-A Marine-derived Nutrients on Sockeye Salmon Monitoring 2004
040670 Dynamics of the Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring 2004