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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100806 Are Herring Energetics Limiting. Part III Damage Assessment 2010
10100132-H PWS Herring Survey: Seasonal & Interannual Trends in Seabird Predation Research 2010
10100132-G PWS Herring Survey: Top-Down Regulation by Predatory Fish Research 2010
10100132-F PWS Herring Survey: Herring, Predator, and Competitor Density Monitoring 2010
10100132-E PWS Herring Survey: Nursery Habitats of Juvenile Pacific Herring Research 2010
10100132-D PWS Herring Survey: Predictors of Winter Performance Research 2010
10100132-C PWS Herring Survey: Pacific Herring Energetic Recruitment Factors Research 2010
10100132-B PWS Herring Survey: Assessment of Juvenile Herring Abundance Monitoring 2010
10100132 PWS Herring Survey: Comm. Involvem., Outreach, Logistics, & Synthesis Research 2010
080834 Identification of Essential Habitat for Pacific Herring Research 2008
080811 PWS Herring Forage Contingency Research 2008
070834 Identification of Essential Habitat for Pacific Herring Research 2007
070817 Factors Affecting Productivity in Juvenile Pacific Herring Nursery Habitats Research 2007
070811 PWS Herring Forage Contingency Research 2007
070810 Ecosystem Model of PWS Herring General Restoration 2007
070805 ShoreZone Mapping for PWS General Restoration 2007
070782 Herring Restoration: Identifying Natal and Nursery Habitats Research 2007
070340 Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring Monitoring 2007
030596 Kenai Peninsula Salmon Stream Flow Data Research 2003