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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100132-G PWS Herring Survey: Top-Down Regulation by Predatory Fish Research 2010
070340 Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring Monitoring 2007
040725 Seafood Waste Discharge Research 2004
040716 NGOA Metadatabase Research 2004
040712 Nutrient-Based Resource Management Research 2004
040710 Alaskan Groundfish Feeding Ecology Research 2004
040639 Ecosystem Parameters in GOA Monitoring 2004
040635 Top-down and Bottom-up Processes Research 2004
ST07 Assessment of Oil Spill Impacts on Fishery Resources Damage Assessment 1992
FS23 Injury to Rockfish, Halibut, and Lingcod Damage Assessment 1989