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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100624 Measuring Interannual Variability in the Herring's Forage Base Monitoring 2010
10100132-A PWS Herring Survey: Plankton and Oceanographic Observations Research 2010
080290 Hydrocarbon Database Research 2008
070817 Factors Affecting Productivity in Juvenile Pacific Herring Nursery Habitats Research 2007
070624 Acquisition of Continuous Plankton Recorder Data Monitoring 2007
070340 Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring Monitoring 2007
070290 Hydrocarbon Database Research 2007
040716 NGOA Metadatabase Research 2004
040710 Alaskan Groundfish Feeding Ecology Research 2004
040703-A Marine-derived Nutrients on Sockeye Salmon Monitoring 2004
040703 Marine-Terrestrial Linkages Monitoring 2004
040699 AK Marine Highway System Ferries Research 2004
040624 A CPR-Based Plankton Survey Research 2004
040614 Monitoring Program in the NE Pacific Ocean Monitoring 2004
040340 Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring 2004
030624 A CPR-Based Plankton Survey Monitoring 2003
02624-BAA A CPR-Based Plankton Survey Monitoring 2002
94320-G SEA: Phytoplankton and Nutrients Research 1994
94320 SEA: Synthesis Research 1994
R102 Herring Bay Experimental and Monitoring Studies Damage Assessment 1992
CH1-A Comprehensive Assessment of Coastal Habitat Damage Assessment 1992