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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100132-A PWS Herring Survey: Plankton and Oceanographic Observations Research 2010
070750 Database Development for Long Term Monitoring of Nearshore Resources Monitoring 2007
070340 Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring Monitoring 2007
050764 ShoreZone Mapping - Kodiak Research 2005
040721 Habitat Web Site Research 2004
040716 NGOA Metadatabase Research 2004
040712 Nutrient-Based Resource Management Research 2004
040702 Natural Variability in the Nearshore Research 2004
040687 Nearshore Monitoring Decision Process Monitoring 2004
040666 Natural Geography in Shore Areas Research 2004
040647 Altering the Community Structure Research 2004
040635 Top-down and Bottom-up Processes Research 2004
94086 Herring Bay Monitoring and Restoration Monitoring 1994
93047-A Subtidal Monitoring: Eelgrass Monitoring 1993
93039 Herring Bay Monitoring and Restoration Studies Monitoring 1993
R102 Herring Bay Experimental and Monitoring Studies Damage Assessment 1992
CH1-A Comprehensive Assessment of Coastal Habitat Damage Assessment 1992