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Restoration Projects

Funding Recommendations

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Comments: (Not Available)

Chief Scientist Recommendation: Fund

Chief Scientist Comments: This continuing project is providing valuable information to assess the recovery of harbor seals. The fatty acid research has begun to elucidate trophic trends, but needs more groundtruthing with laboratory experiments using captive animals (see Project 99371). If juvenile mortality is the key factor influencing recruitment, past experience from other areas suggests it will be difficult to measure directly.

Public Advisory Group (PAG) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Public Advisory Group (PAG) Comments: (Not Available)

Executive Director Recommendation: Fund

Executive Director Comments: This project will help explain the long-term decline in harbor seals in Prince William Sound. The results of the study will enable resource managers, subsistence users, and others to focus their efforts and concern on the most probable causes of harbor seal population decline.

Trustee Council Decision: Fund

Trustee Council Comments: (Not Available)