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Funding Recommendations

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Comments: (Not Available)

Chief Scientist Recommendation: Fund

Chief Scientist Comments: This project is the closeout of a two year project to more clearly define the sources of background hydrocarbon contamination in the northern Gulf of Alaska, particularly Prince William Sound. The approach, using a combination of physical separations of coal and heavier sediment-associated petroleum hydrocarbons, should yield relatively unequivocal results in parsing the two sources in stream waters from the Yakataga area. The additional analyses to include specific chemical biomarkers should also yield relatively definite information on sources. This is a logical closeout to the project.

Public Advisory Group (PAG) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Public Advisory Group (PAG) Comments: (Not Available)

Executive Director Recommendation: Fund Contingent

Executive Director Comments: Fund closeout (final report and manuscript) of this project. The project, which is studying whether fauna showing induction of cytochrome-P450 in the spill area are responding to natural oil pollution rather than to residual Exxon Valdez oil, is designed to improve existing interpretations of hydrocarbon sources.

Trustee Council Decision: Fund

Trustee Council Comments: (Not Available)