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Restoration Projects

Funding Recommendations

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Comments: (Not Available)

Chief Scientist Recommendation: Fund

Chief Scientist Comments: This project has great potential to examine one measure of marine productivity over the past 6,300 years and to compare this data with recently published work on sockeye salmon populations over a similar period. The principal investigators are well qualified and have written a creditable proposal. Fund revised proposal, which successfully addresses the issues of interpretation of stratigraphy raised by the reviewers.

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Comments: (Not Available)

Executive Director Recommendation: Fund

Executive Director Comments: This project is designed to improve understanding of long-term change in nearshore marine communities and investigate the relationship between productivity and climate. It is responsive to the FY 02 Invitation, which invited proposals to analyze and synthesize existing data sets and historical records.

Trustee Council Decision: Fund

Trustee Council Comments: (Not Available)